The Simple Guide To Buying Promotional Gifts

Summary: Corporate and promotional gifts are given away to their recipients with one or many intentions. These gifts not only do well for the society or their recipients but also enhance the brand name of the company or its relation with the public.

The gift is something which is given to someone with good wishes or compliments. It could be anything which a person is giving to his family members, friends or an employer is gifting to his employees or a trader or merchant is gifting to people or his customers.

Promotional gift-

A thing when used for marketing & communication purpose and given away to people to promote the trade brand or the company then that thing is called as a promotional gift. These gifts are used for global propaganda of the brand. These could be distributed during a conference or a campaign. Promotional gifts could also be used during social events while helping non-profit organisations so that the gifts could be used by the needy ones and the name of the brand is spread by them.

Aims- Brand awareness is one of the many objectives behind a promotional gift. Other aims could be facilitating employee relationship, improving trade show, generating or attracting new customers, introducing new products in the market, not-for-profit programs, education, social awareness, etc.

Promotional gifts are also used by politicians to promote their candidates or to showcase their social work.

Example- school bags distributed at a school, umbrellas distributed during the rainy season, carry bags given away by the shopkeeper with his name printed on them, etc.


Corporate Gift:

A corporate gift is unlike the earlier one, given away by a company or a corporate entity only. It could be used for promotion but the actual purpose of corporate gifts is showing gratitude or appreciation towards efforts taken by the recipient.

The most common example of such gifts is the gifts given away to employees by the employer for appreciating the efforts taken by them. It is also well known that a company bestows gifts upon its customer and stakeholders. Another aim of such gifts is maintaining public relation at its best.

Example- A Company distributing wristwatches to its employees on the occasion of Diwali with the name of the company printed on the watch dial. Or a book company distributes pens with their logo printed on them to their customers are examples of corporate gifts.


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